Today I make Devin blind taste Glenfiddich Winter Storm, Glenfarclas 25, and our old favorite, Glenmorangie Nectar D'Or. Does the high profile Glenfiddich Winter Storm live up to its high price and exlusivity? Does the Nectar D'Or hold its own against two higher price whiskies? Watch our long video filled with dramatic tasting pauses to find out.

Glenfiddich Winter Storm

Devin's verdict: Very fruity and confusing. Hints of wine.

Luke's verdict: It has the complexity and depth of a 21 Glenfiddich with an extra layer of sweet, fruity ice wine taste. It's good but very expensive.

If you've tried everything else and need something new, try to track down a bottle of this if you can. If you have a limited budget, get a bottle of Nectar D'Or and Glenfarclas 25 for about the same price as one bottle of Winter Storm.

Glenfarclas 25

Devin's verdict: the heaviest of the three in terms of flavor and alcohol kick. Good options for when you're feeling like a more intense whisky.

Luke's verdict: Very full oaky, dark, flavor with great influences from the oak it's been sitting in for 25 years.

Update from Luke: After trying this a few more times, I don't like it. I think 25 years might be too long for this one. It's very bland, there's not much flavor, just oak.

Glenmorangie Nectar D'Or

Still one of our favorites. It's a little lighter and less intense than the other two but that makes it a great every day, go to whisky.