Here we have Sonoma Rye Whiskey from Sonoma Distilling Co. 49% ABV, 100% rye, double alembic pot distilled, aged in new charred American oak, old wood finished, and unfiltered.

I usually don't like Rye whiskey, and I've tried this before and didn't like it, but this time I thought it was pretty good. I was surprised to find it to be a little bit caramely sweet, with hints of vanilla and spices. Usually I find rye to be a bit too astringent and medicinal but in this case I didn't get that vibe.

If I had to have a rye whiskey on hand I would make it this one, but if given the choice, I would still prefer a bourbon or scotch over rye. If you do like rye, then by all means give this Sonoma rye a try.